Product Management Book Series (Summary Four)

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Don’t Make Me Think 

Steve Krug makes a common sense assessment of web and mobile usability in his book, Don’t Make Me Think.  As a user experience designer, Krug seeks to pull down the barrier to creating high-quality web products that maintain seamless usability. 

In his book, Krug explains the importance of user-friendly design and ways in which one may achieve this goal. The list below provides key, common-sense insights that will enable creators in building effective web and mobile products. 

  • Simplicity: The most interactive websites and software are those that are simple and easy to use without requiring the user to think too much. 
  • Usability: Defined as the “quality of a product that makes it easy to use.” The author stresses the importance of designing products that are uncomplicated in use as well as access to a wide range of users. 
  • Conventions: As humans are creatures of habit, it is crucial that familiar conventions or patterns in web design be utilized to ensure a more intuitive and straightforward user experience. 
  • Affordances: The book explains the concept of affordances as cues in an object’s design that indicate how it ought to be used. The author states that effective design should make clear actions that users can take and how they can take them. 
  • Progressive Disclosure: The book introduces this concept as the practice of revealing information about options only as the user needs them rather than presenting them all at once. 
  • Accessibility: Developers should always seek to create products that are accessible to all users including those with disabilities. 

Web and mobile products are an important aspect of everyday life for much of the world.  As designers, it is crucial to have practical guidelines that assist in creating user-friendly products for all. Always remember the importance of simplicity, usability, and accessibility. Don’t Make Me Think is a guide that will develop a designer’s understanding of practical design. 

By: Jorge A. Borge